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Parent Drop off/Pickup

Safety First


Arrivals—Traffic Flow Procedures: Procedures for driving students to and from Kenmore Elementary are as follows:

Enter the upper parking lot slowly.  Enter the front loading zone to deposit children and circle around the parking lot to exit.  The exit near the Arboretum is not to be used as an entrance as it creates traffic flow problems.

Please DO:

  • Have students wait on the sidewalk for pick up.

  • Have students enter/exit cars from the right side only.

  • Use crosswalks.  Always accompany children crossing to parked cars.

  • Drop students off and pick them up in the marked loading zone only.

  • Use extreme caution on campus; speed limit is 5 mph.

  • Take turns with cars pulling in from the other entrance.

Please DO NOT:

  • Drop off or pick up students outside of the loading zone, at random corners, etc. It is unsafe and stops traffic flow.

  • Allow students to run alongside cars pulling forward.

  • Drop off in the back parking lot.

  • Leave the car unattended in the loading zone.

  • Park in the fire lane or block the lower gate where buses enter.

  • Drive in the oncoming traffic lanes on school property.


The lower parking lot is RESERVED for school bus traffic and staff. Please DO NOT ENTER or park in the lower lot during the morning drop-off and afternoon pickup times. During the school day, we discourage parking in the lower lot because it is used at recess as part of the playground and students are constantly entering and leaving play areas via the parking lot. The gate is closed at 10:25 am and is not opened until 2:45pm. If children are NOT present, parents may enter and park in the lot, but PLEASE close the gate behind you and BE AWARE, your departure may be delayed if children are on the playground.

The upper parking lot has a limited number of parking spaces for parents, the front lane is reserved for staff and those with handicap permits (must be displayed).

More parking is available by the grass strip between the upper and lower lots and to the south of the gate in front of the school's arboretum.

  • Please follow the directions of the student patrol guards, staff attendants, and all signage. They are designed to keep traffic flowing safely.
  • Please, NO double parking, U-turns, or backing up.
  • No student drop-offs before 8:50 am; there is no student supervision before that time.
  • Do not block the lower gate where buses enter.
  • YIELD to pedestrians in the crosswalk or watch for the STOP flag if a patrol guard is directing traffic.
  • Between 8:50-9:10 am, student patrol guards can help students unload.
  • Pull forward as far as possible. There is room for up to 4-5 cars to unload at the same time.
  • Once you have safely stopped, your student may unload or wait for an attendant for help.
  • Please have your student ready to exit immediately when you stop.
  • No student pickups until 3:10 pm.
  • If you arrive early, please do not wait in the loading zone. We have deliveries and visitors who need to access the office.
  • Do not block the lower gate where buses enter.
  • YIELD to pedestrians in the crosswalk or watch for the STOP flag if a patrol guard is directing traffic.

Regular Bus Stop

Click on the stop sign to go to the bus stop locator page for your child's regular bus stop.  This will give you:

  • The bus number
  • The location of the stop
  • The time that the bus  is scheduled to arrive

Each bus also has a unique bus picture Opens a New Window. to help students who ride the bus which bus is theirs.


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