Hello Families and Community members,

As part of our professional practice, each year our staff identifies goals that we what to target in supporting our students.  These goals are chosen using our district’s strategic action plan. This year our staff will be focusing on the below goals. 

Goal 2:   Responsible, Resilient, Empathetic Learners

Increase their ability to demonstrate positive social skills and resilience for a culturally diverse community and our staff will increase the number of students’ who have continuous access to an advocate, mentor, or counselor.

Goal 3: Growth for Every Student, Elimination of Outcome and Opportunity Gaps

All students who are not yet at standard in the area of mathematics will increase their proficiency by at least one year’s growth,10% school-wide,  in the Numbers and Operations math strand as measured by iReady, classroom-based assessments and SBA data.

We want to engage all stakeholders as we plan how we will work and achieve our stated goals. Partnering with you will be key in being able to offer access to learning opportunities that will positively impact students.  Please take a moment to provide input and feedback related to these goals and how we can work alongside you to achieve them.