Hello Families and Community members,

As part of our professional practice, each year our staff identifies goals that we what to target in supporting our students.  These goals are chosen using our district’s strategic action plan. This year our staff will be focusing on the below goals. 

Goal 2:   Responsible, Resilient, Empathetic Learners

Increase their ability to demonstrate positive social skills and resilience for a culturally diverse community and our staff will increase the number of students’ who have continuous access to an advocate, mentor, or counselor.

Goal 3: Growth for Every Student, Elimination of Outcome and Opportunity Gaps

All students who are not yet at standard in the area of mathematics will increase their proficiency by at least one year’s growth,10% school-wide,  in the Numbers and Operations math strand as measured by iReady, classroom-based assessments and SBA data.

We want to engage all stakeholders as we plan how we will work and achieve our stated goals. Partnering with you will be key in being able to offer access to learning opportunities that will positively impact students.  Please take a moment to provide input and feedback related to these goals and how we can work alongside you to achieve them.


Melissa Riley

Mrs. Melissa Riley


Students need to be provided with rich and effective learning opportunities. Cultivating a learning environment that allows all students to thrive is a collective effort. It is important to build strong relationships with students, staff, and families through communication and collaboration. Kenmore is committed to working together to enact the best possible outcomes for your child. In Preschool through 5th grade, students will do a lot of growing. Providing guidance along the way and embracing the unique qualities of each individual student is essential in order to ensure students are autonomous, competent, and connected here and in our community—now and in the future. Accomplishing this means we must be attuned to the whole child—his or her academic, social-emotional and culturally growth towards positive outcomes in learning and in life. Our children must know that they are valued and that they many gifts to offer the world


When I was 4, I moved to America with my family from Dominica, a Caribbean island. We lived in California for a short time, then moved to Bellevue where I was raised and went to school. My parents’ desire to attain the American Dream was embedded into every aspect of my upbringing, from family values, to education, to civic duty. I attended Whitman College, where I pursued an education credential and BA in Sociology. I moved to California where I taught for four years in the Bay Area and then in Las Vegas, before I returned to the Pacific Northwest. While I gained middle school experience out of state, I spent eight years working with elementary students in Northshore before earning my masters in Educational Leadership through the University of Washington. I was the assistant principal at Leota Junior High for a year, before returning home to Kenmore, where I interned and have been for the last five years.


I enjoy spending time with my family of 4 and my big extended West Indian family who live close and celebrate each other and anything, often. We like to watch movies, play board games, sing, dance and watch sporting events together. In the summertime, we like to go on adventures, visit local beaches, and go camping. I also enjoy walking, bike riding, and getting lost in my garden, reading and listening to music.

Assistant Principal

Michael Rhyne

I am proud to introduce myself as your assistant principal. I am excited and eager to work with the Kenmore staff as well as you to best serve our students!  The work of education is one of partnership, creativity and social justice and I am very grateful for this opportunity to deepen my own learning and understanding through service to others. My professional and personal experiences have provided me with experience and perspective in working with students from diverse backgrounds. These differences and diversity is the foundation of our community and I believe it’s vital that we respect and value each of them to provide experiences that best meet the needs of our students.

I believe that relationships and connections are at the heart of leadership, education and life.  In my own journey, the most transformative moments have been made possible because of one relationship or another.  Helping to create a strong, inclusive, equity focused environment is something that I am very much looking forward to.

Growing up, my family moved around a lot as a result of my Dad serving in the military.  Each new location offered new experiences and challenges that have ultimately helped to shape me as a person. Looking back, this time in my life was a big influencer and contributed to my belief in the power of community and connectedness. I worked as a school counselor from 2010 to 2018. I recently received my national board certification. Much of my professional learning has been in social emotional learning, equitable practices within the classroom and culturally responsive teaching.  I am excited to bring the tools that I have accrued along the way as well as add a few as I learn from the staff and community at Kenmore.

I am excited to get the year started and to learn about you, your family and this great community!  Please feel free to contact me. I am looking forward to our year together!

Mike Rhyne
Assistant Principal


Office Manager

Megin Herron

image of Kenmore Elementary office manager

Megin Herron
Office Manager



Christina Sturtevant

image of the Kenmore elementary Secretary

Christina Sturtevant