Title I Documents and Resources

Kenmore Elementary is committed to providing a quality education for every child.  Partnerships with families are key in achieving this goal. 

Parent and Family Engagement Policy Plan
This is Kenmore's plan for how to build family partnerships this school year.

 Kenmore Elementary Parent and Family Engagement Policy

Políza/Plan y Procedimientos de Participación de Padres y Familias de la Escuela Primaria Kenmore.

Detailed School-Parent-Student Compact
This document outlines how the entire school staff, families and students will share the responsibility for improved academic achievement.

Kenmore Elementary School-Parent-Student Compact

Escuela Primaria de Kenmore-Compacto Para Padres

Kenmore Elementary School-Parent Compact
This document is the condensed version of the school compact, which states what students, families and school staff will do this year to best support student achievement.

Kenmore Student-Parent Compact  

Title I OSPI Report Card

Kenmore Elementary Title I OSPI report card is available, please click here to learn more.