English Learners

Kenmore ELL Support 

Kenmore Elementary offers an English Language Learners program for students with limited English proficiency. This program is designed to support ELL students to develop proficiency in English (Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking) while increasing access to core grade level content and meaningful participation in classroom learning activities. 
•    Support for students in grades K-5th  

•    Enrollment in the ELL program is determined by a student’s annual score on Washington State’s English Language Proficiency Assessment

Students who qualify for ELL services may benefit from:
•    Support for core learning in class

•    Collaborative planning between ELL teachers and classroom teachers

•    Targeted small group intervention from a paraprofessional or certificated teacher

•    Assessment support

•    Extended day learning


English Language Development (ELD) services, in combination with general education, provides students (K-12) with linguistic development accessing grade level academic content as they acquire English language proficiency. Multilingual students who qualify for ELD services receive appropriately differentiated levels of direct services based on their language proficiency and grade level.


Annual English Language Assessments


Multilingual students who qualify for services in Northshore will soon take the annual WIDA Access English Language Proficiency Assessment or the WIDA Alternate Access Assessment for students that qualify based on their IEP. The State of Washington requires that students who are eligible for ELD services take an assessment yearly to measure students’ continuing progress in reading, writing, speaking, and listening in English. This includes students who are eligible but whose parents have refused services. Parents may still opt-out of services for the next school year if they wish.

WIDA testing will take place in-person and at school between Feb. 1, 2022 and March 25, 2022.

By fall of 2022, you will receive your student’s score report.  Please contact the ELD staff at your child’s school for more information.




EL Program Coordinator

Jenessa Hope  

(425) 408-4869