English Learners

Kenmore ELL Support 

Kenmore Elementary offers an English Language Learners program for students with limited English proficiency. This program is designed to support ELL students to develop proficiency in English (Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking) while increasing access to core grade level content and meaningful participation in classroom learning activities. 
•    Support for students in grades K-5th  

•    Enrollment in the ELL program is determined by a student’s annual score on Washington State’s English Language Proficiency Assessment

Students who qualify for ELL services may benefit from:
•    Support for core learning in class

•    Collaborative planning between ELL teachers and classroom teachers

•    Targeted small group intervention from a paraprofessional or certificated teacher

•    Assessment support

•    Extended day learning


English Learner services, in combination with general education, provides students (K-12) with linguistic development accessing grade level academic content as they acquire English language proficiency. English Learner students receive appropriately differentiated levels of direct services based on their language proficiency and grade level.

  • We BELIEVE that every student has the capacity to achieve academic success and make a positive contribution to society.

  • We VALUE the diversity of our community and recognize the importance of celebrating this diversity within the learning environment.

  • We RECOGNIZE that systemic barriers exist and are key contributing factors in the pervasive, disparate student achievement outcome within our school system.

Our diverse population of learners will have equal access to rigorous academic content while acquiring language proficiency through sheltered instruction so that they are ready for lifelong success after graduation. As a community we will create awareness that it takes from 5-10 years to achieve academic language proficiency and we assume simultaneous development of language and content-area knowledge. 


EL Program Coordinator

Jenessa Hope  




(425) 408-4869